1. Bankruptcy & Suspension Of Debt Payment

Periods of bankruptcy and suspension of debt payment represent critical moments in the life of any enterprise. We provide effective counsel and representation to both debtors and creditors to ensure their interests are protected during these processes. Our lawyers have vast expertise in Indonesian bankruptcy and liquidation. They regularly represent a wide range of clients through the entire bankruptcy process, from the initiation of proceedings to the winding up and dissolution of the enterprise. Our lawyers are also certified as administrators and receivers and appointed by Commercial Court as administrators and receiver in prominent bankruptcy cases in Indonesia.


  1. Intellectual Property Rights

Our practise provides a full range of services related to copyright, trademark, and patent law. We have considerable experience with Indonesia’s registration system and can work quickly to ensure that our clients’ intangible assets are registered, recognized, and protected. Our lawyers have highly experience in registering intellectual property right and  handling intellectual property disputes in a court. Our lawyers are also legally registered as intellectual property right consultant in Indonesia.


  1. Property & Construction

Defendius handles all aspects relating to property in  Indonesia. Our practise area includes, among others :

  • Advising on and drafting of commercial and residential leases;
  • Commercial and residential developments, including township establishment and sectional title developments;
  • Conventional transfers of properties, as well as transfers as a result of or in terms  of  liquidations, auctions,  court  orders, foreclosures, divorces,  donations, deceased and insolvent estates;
  • Negotiating and drafting agreements relating to the sale of properties, both  residential and commercial;
  • Registration and cancellation  of  all types  of bonds, including mortgage, surety, collateral and notarial bonds;
  • Registration of all types  of servitudes;
  • Subdivision and consolidation  properties.

Defendius also has extensive experience on construction issues, among others:

  • Contracts;
  • Defective drawing or specifications;
  • Defects caused by other contractors;
  • Insufficient or unclear instructions;
  • Payment issues;
  • Extension of time claims;
  • Inability to obtain a completion certificate.


  1. Employement Law

Defendius offers comprehensive, practical, progressive and innovative advice to a  large and growing of significant clients in all aspects of employment law in  Indonesia including :

  • General Employment Law;
  • Arbitration and Mediation;
  • Collective Bargaining Issues and Strike Management;
  • Disciplinary Investigations and Enquiries;
  • Employment Contracts;
  • Employment Discriminations;
  • Employment Legislation;
  • Employment Litigation (Labour and High Court Litigation);
  • Policy Development and Drafting;
  • Public Law Employment Issues;
  • Restructuring and Retrenchment Planning;
  • Pension Law and Employee Benefits.


  1. Litigation And Dispute Settlement

While our approach has always been to avoid any legal proceeding to our clients, when it is necessary, our lawyers have considerable experience in the litigation process. Even though our lawyers have a proven record of courtroom success, we still prioritize use mediation or negotiation before the court. Over the years, our lawyers have handled various cases involving inheritance, intellectual property, bankruptcy, construction, employment and contract disputes.


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